Hey, I'm Mike Hirst.

I'm a musician, singer/songwriter, and self-producer. Most of my songs are glimpses into a heart of imperfect love, wandering faith, and a childlike curiosity.

My hope is to tell stories through song that you can relate to and that brighten your day. A flickering light in the dark. A warm cup of coffee on a rainy morning. Maybe just a smile through your headphones wherever you happen to be in life. That's good enough for me.

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Songs (Newest First)

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©2005-2018 Michael Ezra Hirst. But cover and share freely 🤟

I face the day the rain may be here to stay
Time will explain all the ways I’ve got it all wrong
I’ve grown up to burn out to learn we’re all the same
Chasing or fleeing the Love that got us this far

So prone to fail
And our hope’s so frail

21 years and I am still learning to walk
This morning I’m still finding out who You are
But that doesn’t make me less likely to fall
21 years and I’m still becoming
These 21 years are gone without warning
And time’s running out to figure this out and I still feel lost

I face the day and a war I still haven’t named
Demons and trials lay siege to truth and to grace

My heart breaks slow
What if I let go?




And I still yearn to belong

You are the song I sing, my melody, my words
I’m far from perfect, I am disaster, You are Lord

All that I know is I am not worthy
To come here in tears before Your throne
To tell You my fears, or even to worship
I am no good, I am not worthy

You are the fire that burns inside my fainting heart
I’ve got it all planned out and You take me apart

All that I know is I am not ready
To go where You’ve called, so far from home
To conquer my fears, or to be brave in battle
I am no good, I am not ready

You are the light, the hope that whispers me along
But I am not skillful, I have never been that strong

All that I know is I am not able
To carry the world – this burden You gave me
To do what You will – to show them Your glory
I am no good, I am not able

(Bridge) I am no good…

All that I know is Jesus is able
To carry my world, the love of my Savior
He’s conquered my fears, now that I’ve seen His glory
Still I am no good, but Jesus is worthy
I am no good, but He’s made me ready
Still I am no good, but Jesus is worthy – That’s all that I know

Another palm tree sunset, I'm kissing it goodbye
I'm moving on for something, still not quite sure why
Don't let me see you cry, I'll always love you
Life is a crazy ride, but we still have it all

Someday we'll be back and tell it all
We'll look back and laugh about it all
The days will feel like years I know its true
Still I'll always love you

They call for snow tomorrow, I think of where you are
Life's only getting harder, and now I've seen it all
But I could drive all night, be there by lunch time
I'll get on 95 and head to where its warm

And we'll sit down and talk about it all
Walk along the beach and laugh it off
Tomorrow I'll be driving home to you
Still I'll always love you

Another palm tree sunset, I don't wanna go
You'll drive me to the airport, how I'll miss you still
Don't let me see you cry, I'll be back soon
Come visit any time, we still have it all

I'll call you every day and tell it all
If you get sad I'll help you laugh it off
We'll never let the distance hide the truth
Still I'll always love you

I'll ride that wave, cause you know I can't stop
And the boardwalk baby just opened up shop
No its never too late to kick off the flip-flop
Oh that boardwalk baby, she got my heart stop

Say oh say how do you say "you are lovely" in gorgeousese?
Cause with eyes like yours and words like mine, they're bound to fall upon deaf ears
But if I can catch the butterflies, then I'm pretty sure you got me
In all my life I've never felt wings as big as these


Pray oh pray, do you pray? Cause I think I prayed for you
When I said "God spare a pretty day," that's the morning that I met you
But if summer had a middle name, then I could tell you how I feel
But in all the movies, songs, and poems, there's not a line that I could steal.


And if the rain comes falling down, baby I'm not hiding from the waves
Man oh man I hate the sound of turning over a new page
And if the good Lord spare a pretty day, I'm falling on my knees
In all my life I've never seen waves as big as these


Four and a half years, we were invincible
I never had a fear, and you never said why
Whatever happened here brought this hurricane’s eye ashore
You slowly disappeared from my life less or more
Less or more

What ever happened to this love we shared could never fall
All that I’m asking is for you to change your mind
Whatever happened took my breath away, I never saw it coming
Now I’m asking for you to change your mind
Change your mind

I hope everything’s fine, cause I am vulnerable
I never changed my mind, but babe I’m not that strong
Whatever happens here with you and I, assure
I’ll slowly reappear from this slide less or more
Less or more




We’re built for breaking down
Our faces bent towards the bitter frown
Feels like I’m losing my sound
Our blood is dripping straight into the ground

My dust is in Your hands
The soul You gave me like a flickering candle
With darkness creeping in
I need Your words to get right under my skin

Is there no hope for these chains?
The very shackles – my DNA
Feels like I’m losing the reins
Moving faster towards a shallower grave


We’re built for breaking down
The stars are falling – a warning avowed
Time is tumbling down
A flood is coming, we’re flickering out

Maybe you belong with me and maybe I just cannot breathe
Without you here, I can’t hear

I’m tired of the lonely days, baby I don’t look the same
Without your love here lighting up my face
Why’d you have to go away, a week feels like a million days
And now I miss you more than I can say
I can’t last another day


I’m tired of the rainy days, I swear you took the sun away
The summer fled when you got on that plane
The clock got stuck at quarter-of, and man it’s rough being in love
The hearts aren’t safe, you’ve gone away


My ears, my heart it breaks, my ears
My ears, my heart it sings, my ears

Maybe you belong with me, and maybe I just cannot breathe
Without you here, I can’t hear
Baby please come back to me then maybe I could finally breathe
When you’re here, my ears will sing
My ears will sing

The years are cracks in concrete walls
And all the wrinkles on my face
At 25 my hair is white, and I’m still not sure who to blame

Memories lay broken
A quarter-life is not enough, but too much just the same
Still my fields wide open
But all I wanna leave behind is all I wanna take

My heart is big enough for two
Me and someone just like you
But God please take the keys
Cause I am drunk and still don’t have a clue


Well my life’s in drive, but my heart’s been stalling
And I would die to catch a break
Make me crack a smile, cause the best is calling
And I’ve got no one here to blame but me

The most beautiful things in life are hard to find
And even harder to hold onto, and our dreams are hard to come true
Maybe its all just a plan that shows with time
Am I ready to see? Am I ready for life?
Take a breath and scream, its here tonight

I'm finally ready to make my way back home
I finally found you, how could you still be alone?
Either I'm lucky, or God made you for me
Either way, I can't believe I finally found you

I will wait for you no matter how long
Whatever it takes to hold you in my arms
Just so you know I won't let go
Just so you know, I'm your's to hold


You're beautiful
And I'll take you home


I finally found you, I finally found you
I finally found you, I'm finally home

I've seen it all before, and I've learned enough to know by now
Nothing is impossible, and the down aren't always out
The faithful bear their scars, the battles waged, they conquered all
Still they live to cast their crowns on heavenly shores

But doubts invade, would've overtaken
Had they not remembered always to believe

God will provide, He sees your closed eyes and bended knees
He whispers through your cries, and He knows your needs
His very hand is working all your life
So just remember, the very moment all feels hopeless
God will provide

He's seen it all before, and He's got your situation figured out
And you've prayed, but your hope could not be found
But Jesus bears our scars, the debt is paid, He's covered all
And so it shows He cares for you, and He won't let you down

But doubts invade, my friend I pray
Don't forget all that you believe


But doubts invade, this hurricane
Nights laid awake, when will this ever change?
Cause I don't stand a chance, I feel so alone
Jesus see my heart, though broken, is your home
Remember me


Life goes on just as it always has
Oh we plan our whole lives away
One day we’ll wake with a shout, You’ll interrupt history
One day they’ll know without a doubt You are Lord

Life goes on just as it always has
Drinking and laughing away, and carrying on
One day the heavens will shake and bring the kings to their knees
One day the whole world will know that Jesus is Lord

Oh this looks strange to me
The times and seasons and headlines now read
Of things that You spoke of long before me
It starts to unwind
Oh this feels strange to me
The birth pangs, the world has been groaning to be
Set free from all of these ancient chains
We’re seeing things change

And now we’ve become the days that won’t last
The world that we’ve know, a thing of the past
And now we’ve become the goats and the sheep
My God has spoken and now we will see
The moon will turn red, the sun dark as night
The earth will be shaken beneath starless skies
And now we’ve become the ending to be
The Lord He has spoken and now we will see
I will see


And now we’ve become the Children of Light
We’ll see creation how it was designed
And now we have come to grips with the price
Jesus has paid, He has saved my life
Here are my crowns, I lay at your feet
I am unworthy but worthy art Thee
And now we’ve become eternally Thine
Jesus I’ll love you with all of my life
For all my life

Complacency is such a time bomb
Sometimes all it takes is something going wrong for everything to work out right
Still not content with your big home and your nice car, Mr. Big-Shot
You'll gain the world but lose your life, your soul, alone

Can't you see the sunset coming, weren't we made to live for so much more?
Hello, are we broken?
Can't you see the moon is falling, the day has come to wake up and behold
Hello, are we broken?

Comfortable is such a sad word
Weren't we made for the unknown, how can it be, we've lost ourselves?
Well I'm not content with the "real world", where the poor die, kids with no home
True worth should be based on so much more than gold


Have we tried to build ourselves?
Have we lost sight of the one example of what love really was?
Could you reason your life to the God who gave the call?
Could you realize this system is flawed

Complacency is such a time bomb
Are we so cold, when will the light come on?


Take me back to the way things were
When everybody knew who their neighbors were
A simple man was measured by the good of his word
I can’t take any more

I don’t wanna see another shopping mall
A bank on every corner with a green light on
A pharmacy selling lies to teenage bombs and moms
Oh I can’t take any more

Maybe we’re a people with a light burning out
Maybe I’m the only one not selling out
I try to hope, but lately, oh I have my doubts
Oh I can’t take any more

Change don’t come from the president
Change don’t come from our politics
It’s a battle we fight deep within
Oh I can’t take any more

Occupy my heart cause God I need You now
I’m calling out, oh I’m calling out
You’re the riot that can fix this now
Oh I can’t take any more




Up in our room, I’m missing you badly

And I’m waiting for you to come home and hold me
I’ve got the choice but there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be

Baby our love ain’t always perfect
And never enough, but it’s always perfect
I’ve got the choice but there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be

Than in your arms, or in your absence, or in between
Cause all the waiting is full of grace notes, beautifully

Friday night alone, watching old westerns
Keep checking my phone, it’s quarter after
I’ve got the choice but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Up in our room, it’s just my guitar and me
Both waiting for you, a bittersweet melody
I’ve got the choice but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be


In your arms
In your arms