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Hey friends,

My name’s Mike — I’m a singer/songwriter, musician, writer, wannabe superhero, student in lifestyle design, eternal optimist, and recovering perfectionist.

I’m married to my best friend, Mandy. And we have an adorable furbaby — a Cavalier named Tucker.

I write songs about love, life, faith, and failure.

Not all songs are autobiographical (about my own life). Some are stories… inspired by things I’m reading, watching, or witnessing. A mentor once taught me an invaluable songwriting lesson…

Never let reality get in the way of the truth.

I produce every song in my home studio. I love recording, arranging, mixing… bringing life to all the melodies knocking around my soul.

This is a craft I’ve been working on since I was 13. My songwriting father (Michael Hirst) gave me his old guitar, taught me a few chords, and I made up the rest as I went.

Back then, I recorded on an old reel-to-reel a family friend gave us. In the two decades since, the gear has evolved a bit. But my love for the art goes on.

I used to tour the country, but not so much any more.

Spending your life in a van, eating fast food, and driving from town to town for months on end really isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

I still bring my acoustic guitar and play informal “shows” for fans from time to time, but I have no desire to play at Madison Square Garden.

Honestly, I never want to be “famous.” I want people to hear my music and be moved by it. But I’m happy to live outside the limelight.

If you really like what you hear, feel free to share it with a friend. That would mean the world to me.

God bless,

— Mike Hirst

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